Modell KEM-VBF40

  • 2 Independent Channels each switchable
  • Highpass / Lowpass / BandPass / Bandstop and Notch in one instrument
  • 0.01Hz - 99.9kHz filter range
  • Ethernet based interface (option)
  • Simple front panel operation
  • Input gain to x 500(+54dB)
  • Switchable filter modifiers
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The Kemo VBF40 is a top of the range filter system, with 5 built-in filter responses, 2 lowpass, 2 highpass, and one bandpass. The VBF40 is a 3U high 19" benchtop or rack mounted instrument. Control is an easy to use ‘menu’ style control with LCD display, and 4 control buttons. The simple panel interface has a number of features to make control and programming of each channel easy. These include full manual control of frequency range and cut-off frequencies if required. ICP® transducer source is available.

The VBF40 has a wide range of gain control. x100 (+40 dB) in 7 steps is available before the filter, after the filter there is x10 (+20 dB) 4 steps. This combination allows optimisation of signal levels both before and after the filter, as well as optimising output signal levels for signal analysis systems. There is a 4 level signal level indicator.

The VBF 40 has 4 frequency ranges, each with 255 steps. Covering a range from 1 Hz to 255 kHz. Pairs of channels can be combined in series or parallel to give a wide range of filter combinations, bandpass, bandstop, and notch, each channel is independently controlled.The Ethernet interface can adress up to 64 channels, and an infinite number of racks. Channels may share an address to make group setting easy.

The combinations of filter response, gain, and channel coupling make the VBF40 a very versatile filter amplifier unit.

VBF40 Performance Specification
Channels 1-16 per rack
Filter modes Lowpass 1, Lowpass 2, Bandpass, Highpass 1, Highpass 2
Frequency range 1 Hz - 255 kHz
Filter cut-off resolution 255:1 in 4 decade ranges:
1 Hz - 255 Hz
10 Hz - 2550 Hz
100 Hz - 25500 Hz
1 kHz - 255 kHz
Cut-off accuracy 2 % of Fc
Bandwidth >1 MHz, 1 volt signal, 0dB gain, filter highpass and bypass modes
Input impedance 100kΩ, 150pF
Input gain x1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50, x100 (+40dB)
Input voltage, linear ±10 V
Input voltage, maximum ±30 V
Input modes DC, AC, Differential
Input AC coupling -3 dB @1.6 Hz
Input connectors BNC
Transducer source ICP®, 24V, 4mA
Output type Single ended
Output gain x1, x2, x5, x10 (+20dB)
Output impedance 50 Ω
Output voltage ±10 V (load >2kΩ)
Output noise <100nV/√Hz (lowpass)
Output liearity <0.03%
Output conenectors BNC
Offset voltage <2.5 mV (RTI)
Offset drift 200 µV/°C
Crosstalk <-70dB
Interface Text over Ethernet (TCIP) hardware, FICLII control commands
Amplitude matching ±0.1 dB to 0.8 of Fc (<100 kHz, lowpass)
Phase matching ±1° to 0.8 of Fc (<100 kHz, lowpass)
The VBF 40 is a complex filter, typical matching values given.
Power 105-125, 210-250 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 80 VA
Connector IEC 6 Amp
Size 450 x 430 x 135 mm,
3U 19" rack mounting, 450 mm deep
Weight 16 kg (16 channel system)
Filter Responses
Lowpass L1 Flat to Fc, -80 dB at 1.5 Fc, stopband -80 dB
Lowpass L2 Flat to 0.6 Fc, -96 dB at 4 Fc, stopband -96 dB
Highpass H1 Inverse of L1
Highpass H2 Inverse of L2
Bandpass B1 0 dB at Fc, -35 dB at 0.67 Fc and 1.5 Fc, stopbands -35 dB
The combination of flexible control, range of 5 filter responses, gain, make the VBF40 an excellent, versatile quality filter/amplifier unit.