Modell KEM-DR1200/1600

  • Filter frequencies from 0.1 Hz to >500 kHz
  • Signal frequencies from DC to >500kHz
  • Flexible inputs and gain
  • Adjustable Gain in 1,2,5 steps to x 1000 (+60dB)
  • Isolation (galvanic) between power and signal circuits
  • Range of standard High pass / lowpass / notch filtering
  • 2 Buffered voltage outputs
  • Optional ±50% output offset
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The Kemo DIN rail mounted filters units combine Kemo's extensive knowledge of signal filtering with a DIN rail case, screw connections, and a 24 V DC supply. With the combination of gain, easy installation, and a wide range of filter responses the Kemo DIN Rail filters are an easy solution to many industrial signal problems.
Filters are available to cover a wide range of applications, general purpose noise reduction, anti-aliasing, signal reconstruction, and notch filters to reduce unwanted frequencies, as well as traditional Butterworth and Bessel filters.
Gain is set by easy access on board jumpers, with gain trim. Input configurations are set by internal jumpers, the case opens without tools. Signal and power connections are made by industry standard screw terminals.

DIN Rail filters are available in two versions, DR for voltage outputs, and DRI with voltage outputs and 4-20mA output.


Both versions of DIN Rail filters have the same flexible configurable input stage.
Single Ended / Differential - The units are fundamentally differential input. Single ended input is easily set by either an internal jumper or an external link to zero volts on the input screw terminals. Note all the connector blocks have a zero volt terminal.
AC / DC Coupling - is set by internal jumpers. The AC coupling is matched to both legs of the differential inputs.
IEPE - a 4mA current source is provided for use with IEPE transducers, this is set by an internal jumper. Higher currents can be set up to 10mA.
4-20 mA Input - this input is a 500 Ω resistor across the differential inputs, the incoming 4-20mA signal is converted to a 2-10V voltage signal. This input can be set to differential input to give a semi-floating input, or set to single ended to tie the input to signal zero volts.

Input Gain

The input gain is set by jumpers:- x1,x2,x5,x10,x20,x50,x100,x200,x500,x1000.
There is a small gain trim of about ± 10%, depending on filter type fitted.


The standard range of Kemo lowpass and highpass filter modules can be fitted to the DIN Rail filters. A sharp notch filter, response NQ10, is available for 50Hz or 60Hz applications.
1200 series DIN rail units are fixed frequency.
1600 series DIN rail units have variable frequency filter modules, 255 filter steps set by an easy to use DIP switch.

Voltage Outputs

Both versions of DIN Rail rail filters have 2 identical buffered voltage outputs.

DRI version with 4-20mA Outputs

The DRI version adds a 4-20mA output. The filtered voltage is reconverted to a 4-20mA current signal. The output current can be configured EITHER as a current source using the isolated +24V power supply built in the unit, OR as a current sink, where an external +24 supply can be used. This provides a very versatile flexible system.
Order as DRI version.

Optional Output Offset

Optional output offset after the filter, before the output buffers, adjustable by multi-turn pot over a ± 50% of output full scale.
Order as option ‘O’.

Channels 1 per unit
Control Manual - jumpers and DIP switches
DR and DRI1200 - Fixed frequency.
DR and DRI1600 - 255 steps set by DIP switch
Connectors DR version 9 Screw terminals (3 x blocks of 3)
DRI version 12 Screw terminals (4 x blocks of 3)
Frequency 1200 series 0.1 Hz - >500 kHz
1600 series 255 steps x ‘Base’ frequencies of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500 Hz
Gain x1,x2,x5,x10,x20,x50,x100,x200,x500,x1000 set by jumpers
Filters 1200 series - 1200 series filter modules
1600 series - 1600 series filter modules
Filter Responses 01, Anti-aliasing, sharp >135 dB/Oct, flat to cut off, high and lowpass
03, 48 dB/Oct Butterworth, high and lowpass
05, 24 dB/Oct Butterworth, high and lowpass
07, 48 dB/Oct Bessel, high and lowpass
09, 24 dB/Oct Bessel, high and lowpass
41, General Purpose, flat to cut off, linear phase, 52 dB/Oct, high and lowpass
NQ10, Sharp Notch
Input Coupling AC / DC ( Matched AC coupling on Differential Input)
AC coupling -3dB at 1.5 Hz
Input Mode Single Ended / Differential
Voltage Input Impedance 1MΩ
Current Input Impedance 500Ω (4-20mA input)
ICP® 4mA 24V current source (can be set to higher current on request)
Signal Level ± 10 V pk-pk. (Usually with ‘headroom’)
Offset Multi-turn trim,
Optional ± 50% adjustment(specify ‘O’ at order)
Outputs DR version 2 Voltage
DRI version 2 voltage and 4-20mA ‘source’ and ‘sink’
4-20mA Bandwidth 10 kHz
Output Impedance 47 Ω
Power Indicator LED power on indicator
Size 27 x 83 x 114 mm (1.1 x 3.3 x 4.5")
mounts on standard 35 and 15 mm DIN rails
Power 9 - 30 V DC 2 watt typical (ideal for +24 V DC)
Ordering Information
Specify version DR voltage version OR DRI with additional 4-20mA current output
Specify 1200 series fixed frequency OR 1600 series variable frequency
Specify cut off frequency 1200 Series
Specify frequency range 1600 Series (‘base frequency’ to 255 x ‘base frequency’)
Specify filter type, highpass, lowpass or notch.
Add ‘O’ for ± 50% Optional output offset.