Modell ONS-TMC20-HD

  • Temperatursensor für HOBO-Logger
  • Kabellänge 6 Meter
  • Direkter Anschluss an Eingangsbuchsen von Loggern der Serien U12 und ZW
  • Geeignet für Innen-, Außen- und Unterwassereinsatz
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A temperature sensor for use with HOBO U-Series, UX120-006M external-channel data loggers, or ZW series wireless datanodes. This model measures temperature in air, water, or soil. Accuracy and resolution vary according with attached data logger model. Measurement range is -40° to 50°C in water or soil, -40° to 100°C in air; response time is 2 minutes typical to 90% in air moving 1 m/sec; response time in stirred water is 30 seconds typical to 90%. This model sensor is attached to a 6m cable.

Can be plugged directly into the external input jacks of U12, UX120, or ZW Family loggers to expand the range of measurement options and applications.

Technical Specifications
Measurement Range-40° to 50°C in water
-40° to 100°C in air
Accuracy with U12±0.25°C from 0° to 50°C,
insert probe 2.3 cm minimum
Accuracy with ZW±0.21°C from 0° to 50°C,
insert probe 2.3 cm minimum
Accuracy with UX120-006M±0.15°C from 0° to 70°C, insert probe 2.3 cm minimum
Resolution with U120.03° at 20°C
Resolution with ZW0.02°C at 25°C
Resolution with UX120-006M0.002° at 25°C
Drift<0.1°C per year
Response time in air2 min. typical to 90% in air moving 1 m/sec
Response time in stirred water30 sec. typical to 90%
Operating rangeSensor tip and cable immersion in fresh water up to +50°C for 1 year
Physical Specifications
HousingCopper-plated sensor tip
Dimensions5.1 x 33 mm
Cable length6 m
Weight34 g

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  • Temperatur
  • -40 … 100 °C
  • 0,3 m
  • Temperatur
  • -40 … 100 °C
  • 1,8 m
  • Temperatur
  • -40 … 100 °C
  • 15 m
  • Temperatur
  • -40 … 100 °C
  • 1,8 m
  • Temperatur
  • -40 … 100 °C
  • 1,8 m